Moving and Selling With Pets

July 20, 2017


Tribbles and Glenn

As many of you know, Glenn and I love our fur-babies. Many of my clients have dogs and cats that need to be removed or crated or just plain “not allowed to escape” when showing. Think for a moment how your pet feels? Dogs and Cats stay tuned into our emotions. They do not, as much as we like to think, understand our language. So imagine what they think with multiple strangers walking through the house, in their territory. Their humans are busy putting things in boxes, but why? Why is all this going on? Our cats were getting really upset when our schedule changes and would urinate in one of our beds for protest. Some of our cats were bullies, some were nervous because so much turmoil was going on. I am a big fan of “My Cat From Hell” and Jackson Galaxy. I purchased some of his holistic products for our little gang. I didn’t realize that it was for Dogs too!! I purchased “Bully Solution”, “Peacemaker” and “Stress Stopper”. I was on the site and found out they have a holistic solution called “Changing Times” for moving. I have to say; the solutions helped. I have three bullies, Chloe, Joe Kenda, and Tasha. Chloe and Joe Kenda only bully our special needs girl, Praylean — with Bully Solution, this has stopped. Tasha just was nasty to all the other cats, even her sister. Bully Solution has now brought the two sisters together, where they can sit close to each other or share a chair. Tribbles gets stressed when my schedule changes and will develop urinary tract infection, I have her on Stress Stopper and Peacemaker. The point to all this is, our Pets are our family, there are things you can do to help the transition but before giving your pets even Holistic solutions, consult your veterinarian:

Moe, I helped his family sell their home. During showings I offered to take this big guy for a car ride


1. Have a friend take your dog for a car ride during showings.
2. Don’t forget to take them over to the new digs (If it is OK with the Seller) so they can have a good sniff as well.
3. Consult your Veterinarian about Holistic Solutions or some medication during this time.

Pumpkin – I hung out and comforted her during the home inspection. I sold her family’s home and found them another.


1. They are very different — during showings they usually hide or they may come out to say “hello” please let your Realtor know if they are outdoor or indoor so they can be aware. Also let them know if Kitty is user friendly or “Pet at your own risk”
2. During moving — the best thing to do is leave them away from the commotion. Put them in a room with a litter pan, food and water — while movers are there.
3. When they arrive at the new house, the best thing you can do is to set up one room with the furniture so it smells like them. Put them in the room while until, at least, all the furniture is in place. Make sure they are eating and drinking — if they are not — consult your veterinarian.

In conclusion, remember our Pets have no idea what is going on, so do everything you can to illuminate negative behavior!! Your Veterinarian can help!!